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Lighting rebate programs in Canada are designed to encourage businesses to upgrade their lighting systems to more energy-efficient options. These programs offer incentives to businesses that can be used to offset the costs of upgrading their lighting systems, making it more affordable for businesses of all sizes to invest in energy-efficient lighting. more
If you're operating in the commercial or industrial lighting industry, then you know that the 100-347V voltage range is a game-changer. It's especially useful in countries like Canada where a lot of equipment operates off 347V, like the Canadian electrical grid. This range allows for the use of a wider variety of lights, including LED and induction lights, which can be used in a wider range of applications. This leads to greater energy efficiency, longer lifetimes, and higher quality of light. more
Buying Guide
Lighting is a crucial aspect in any commercial or industrial space, affecting both productivity and energy efficiency. With advancements in technology, the lighting industry has introduced new features that give commercial and industrial customers greater control over their lighting. Two of these features are watt selectable and CCT (correlated color temperature) selectable fixtures. more
Industrial lighting must be very reliable, since a malfunction can leave workers in the dark when there is heavy equipment in operation. Industrial light fixtures should also be as efficient as possible, to lower their operating costs. This is especially important in facilities that operate 24/7, which often need constant lighting. more
The garage has several functions in a modern home. While its main purpose is providing a space to park your vehicles, it can also be used as storage space or even as a workshop. For this reason, having adequate garage lighting is very important. The two most common options are fluorescent and LED lighting: fluorescent lamps have a lower upfront cost, but LEDs last much longer while saving energy. more


Recessed lights, canned lights, recessed spots… whatever the term, recessed lighting is one of the most versatile and efficient lighting solutions available. They are discreet and perfectly suitable for ambient lighting, as well as for task or accent lighting. They are great for residential and commercial environments, and can be used to add depth to a space or to highlight interesting décor and architectural elements or even be used as outdoor recessed lights. However, even though recessed lights are very versatile, a good amount of planning is needed for a successful result. Considerations such as layout, installation, direction, color and others must be taken into account. This guide offers practical advice that will help you understand this technology and draft a lighting plan that truly reflects your needs. more

Recessed Lights are some of the most effective and versatile types of lighting for creating both ambient and task lighting in any room of your home. In the recent years they have gained in popularity and found themselves into most new homes and renovation projects. Because they are for the most part hidden, recessed lights typically make the rooms of home appear larger than they are. Gone are the days where you need to go for large cumbersome ceiling fixtures to light up a room. In short, recessed lighting by the quality of light they provide and their minimalist design bring out the best of just about any home.
Determining how many recessed lights you need and the proper spacing implies that you have already chosen the recessed light you wish to use for your project. If you haven’t chosen your recessed light model yet, below is a list of considerations you will want to look into before you make your choice. more

When you switch from incandescent or halogen to LED lighting, it is important to consider the equivalencies between the technologies in order to keep a similar level of lighting.


For many years, the expressions such as “50W equivalent” and the like have appeared on the packaging of technologies gradually replacing the incandescent bulbs.

However, there is not precise rule to convert incandescent or halogen in LED.


The key is to compare the efficiency between the products.


Here is a chart for the present equivalencies.


It is important to note that these equivalencies change depending of the generation and the efficiency of your LED.


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Recessed lighting: small clearance space in the ceiling? No problems!

Some of you may be already planning the next renovations to your home.


The first step before choosing a recessed light is to know the clearing space in the ceiling. In many cases, such a verification may bring up unknown constraints: what to do with a 2 ½ or 3 inches clearance space when many recessed lights on the market need 4 to 7 inches?


A solution to this potential puzzle is the low-profile recessed light series from Bazz. The models 300LPL5W and 300LPL5B are recessed lights that only need 2 ½ inches of clearance space. Moreover, they don’t need insulation box to be installed in insulated ceilings: another problem solved!


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